Privacy Policy

Your privacy and the security of your information is a priority.  Here’s how we protect you:


We’ve defined “necessary information” as a company, and have decided that anything not falling within that will not be collected.

Necessary Information allows our website to function properly, and allows us to serve you as a client.

Anything that does not directly contribute to those two things is unnecessary.


Analytics and Performance Cookies have been disabled on this site.

Some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly.

But the purpose of Analytics and Performance Cookies is to give our company information to improve our website, and review the traffic it gets.

It tells us how many “clicks” to the website we get in a time period, and helps us analyze our order conversion rates.

We’ve made the decision to disable these cookies on our site, to make sure that only necessary information is collected.


Activity Log has been disabled on this site.

The Activity Log is another way to get information as a company that will help us to improve our website and review the traffic it gets.

We’ve decided that it also is not necessary information, and have disabled it.


We only ask you to give your information when you become a client.

At this time, we don’t have a newsletter or other free subscriptions, and don’t collect names or email addresses until a purchase is made.


We only collect necessary client information.

Upon making a purchase, you provide:


Your Name

Your email address

Your payment information


We use your information only for processing your payment and serving you as our client.

If you’ve made a purchase of a digital download without personal support, your name and email address are used in sending you your digital product.

If you’ve purchased a course with personal support, we use your name and email address to send you the digital product, and then for communicating with you during your support period. 

*You’re given the option to also communicate by phone/Skype when you purchase a full course, but you aren’t required to use this or give us a phone number if you don’t want to.

*We need your email to send you the download of your course, but if you choose, you can ask to opt out of the email support also.

*Each full course comes with an optional gift that gets mailed to you, IF you choose to email us that you would like the gift, and give us a mailing address at that time.  We never ask for this upon purchase, and it is only used for sending the free gift – not for any further marketing.


If you choose to give us a testimonial, we will never use your last name or other identifying information unless you request it.

In testimonials, only the first name and job title is used, by default.  This will not be changed unless you request it.

You also have the option to request that we use the job title only, and no name.


We never share your information with anyone outside of this company, and also only share it with those within the company in positions requiring the information to serve you as a client.

There is no circumstance where your information is sold or shared with anyone who is not part of this company.

And only employees in need-to-know positions will have access to your information.

We take seriously our responsibility to protect your privacy.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email me at:

Joanie Elmore

The Elmore Group, Inc.

DBA Clocked-In with Joanie