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The 90-Day Challenges for happiness, fulfillment, and high-performance at work. One is for employees, one is for employers, and both are available in paperback and Kindle HERE.

What’s the most important thing to do at your job?

The answer is the same for all of us, no matter what your job is, how you feel about it, how long you’ve been there, and how long you plan to stay. There’s one thing that comes before everything else, and it’s got to be your top priority.

What do you think it is? Be dependable?  Increase profits?  Improve your performance and output?  Meet the expectations you set in your interview?  Get ready for your climb?

...Want to know what I think? I think the most important thing you can do at your job – the thing that comes before everything else – is this:

Know why you’re there, and why you should care.