how to learn anything with your job

Want to know how you can start using your job to build your knowledge and skills, the very next time you go into work? That’s the subject of today’s video, and you can watch it right here:

Here’s the steps, so you’ll have them in writing:

  1. Think of your biggest personal goal.

  2. Think about who you’ll need to become to achieve it, and make a list of the things you’ll need to learn, and the skills and character traits you’ll need to develop.

  3. Pick one or two things to start learning and developing first.

  4. Study those on your own time (outside of work), every single day. And you can make it really easy to stick to this, if you don’t give yourself a quota for the amount of time you spend, and if you do things like listen to podcasts and videos while you’re getting things done around the house, etc.

  5. When you’re at work, keep what you’re studying in your mind, and look for all the ways you can apply it to what’s going on on the job. That will help you to internalize and understand what you’re learning even more.

  6. While you’re at work, practice that skill or character trait, and do it with a process I call, being in character (you can learn more about what that involves HERE).

  7. When you feel good about the progress you’ve made on the skill(s)/attribute(s) you’ve been working on and you want to move on, go back to Step 3 on this list and repeat from there.

No matter what your job is, or how far it is from what you’d actually like to be doing, it is the Perfect place and resource for your own personal development. Try this out and let me know how it goes!