I want to quote you in my books!


I'm going to be re-publishing updated editions of both Use Your Job and As Its People at the end of this year (2019), and I want to fill them with quotes from anyone who can give positive, encouraging, and well-thought-out advice and personal experiences about the topics and strategies in the books.

Both books are about how to have happiness, fulfillment and high-performance at work; one book for employees (Use Your Job), and one for employers/managers/HR/team leaders (As Its People).

You have knowledge and experiences to share, and I want to add them to my books! Here’s how you can submit your quote:

You have knowledge and experiences to share, and I want to add them to my books! Here’s how you can submit your quote:

And just so this is really clear, what I’m looking for is NOT a testimonial/review of the book itself (I love those, but that’s not what this request is for). I want you to tell readers about your own experiences with the topics in the book.

So on Day 42 of As Its People, which talks about when rewards are effective, maybe you’ll be quoted there talking about the ways you were rewarded as an employee in one of your jobs, and how that affected your performance. Or maybe you’re an employer, and you talk about how you’ve rewarded people for certain types of projects, and the result you saw from that.

And on Day 59 of Use Your Job, which talks about making your job have meaning, maybe you’ll talk about specific things you put in place to make your work serve a higher purpose - from whatever position you’re in.

I bet there are habits and strategies in these books that you’re already doing, and I would love for you to share with readers how you do it, how you stay consistent, and the results you’ve seen. And if you find a topic or strategy that you want to test out for yourself, I would love for your quote to be about how you put your own spin on the strategy to make it work best for your situation, and what your experience and results were.

Those are the types of things I’m looking for, and I want to fill the books with them! This is not the type of thing where the odds are against you and I’m only selecting a few. If your quote is positive, kind, encouraging, and relevant to the topic, I’ll make a way to use it, if there’s any possible way.


(1) Choose a topic/topics from either (or both) book(s). You can find both of them here on my Amazon author page.

(2) Send me an email (joanie@elmoregroupinc.com) and include:

- Your quote.

- Which book AND Day Number your quote is for (these books are 90-day challenges, so topics and strategies are divided into days).

- Your name and title, as you'd like them to appear in the book.

- If you have a business and website/blog, include that in the email if you'd like me to put it in the book with your quote.


*You may submit multiple quotes for each book if you'd like; just make sure you clearly tell me which quote is for which book and which Day Number.

*I can't guarantee that I'll use every quote submitted, and if I choose yours it may be edited for length/grammar and put in a different place in the book than the one you chose. But like I said, I really want as many relevant and helpful quotes as possible, so I'll use as many as I possibly can.

I know this will make the books even more helpful and valuable for readers, so thank you so much!!