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As soon as I published Use Your Job: A 90-Day Challenge, I started working on a second book. I wanted to have a challenge for employers, managers, team leaders, HR professionals, and anyone who leads or cares for employees in any way. I want to help everyone to understand each other, work better together, and get happiness and fulfillment from their role, and I just felt that if each group - employees and their leaders - had its own customized challenge, it could go so far toward realizing that vision.

After months of posting quotes, teasers, and sneak peeks, I’m so happy to announce that the book is finished, and now available in paperback on Amazon.

It’s called, As Its People: A 90-Day Challenge, and it’s full of actions, habits and strategies to increase employee engagement, performance, and motivation. It covers things like different ways to give recognition, ways to give appreciation, ways to let employees work with more independence, ways to get employees more involved in the company’s development, ways to increase accuracy and efficiency, ways to give more meaning to the employees’ jobs, ways to help the company support the employees’ personal goals more, ways to help each of their jobs to align more with their personal values, and etc., etc., etc.

It’s a workbook, like Use Your Job, so each day and week has a checklist, and in this book there’s additional checklists of things to do “regularly and consistently”, and those start monthly after Month 1. And just like in Use Your Job, there’s also space for writing, and places to answer questions and brainstorm.

If you’d like to see what the book looks like, I flipped through my copy in THIS VIDEO.

AIP - back cover pic.png

I would love to get feedback from readers! Please email me (joanie@elmoregroupinc.com), or connect with me on social media, and tell me your thoughts and experiences.

It would also help so much if you would take some time to give an honest review of the book on Amazon. On the page for purchasing the book, if you scroll almost all the way down, you’ll see a button that says, “write a review”, and you can click there and give yours. More reviews will help the book to be found in searches on Amazon, and I’m going to use them (plus other feedback you send me) to make improvements in future editions.

Thank you so much!

Now available in paperback on Amazon. Get your copy  HERE .

Now available in paperback on Amazon. Get your copy HERE.