USE YOUR JOB - free sample challenge!

Use Your Job: A 90-Day Challenge, is for employees who want to get happiness and fulfillment at work by using it to achieve their biggest personal goals. It comes with a great heaping side of high-performance, and it benefits everyone they work with and for.

It’s such a win all around, and I’m so excited that the Kindle and the paperback version are both out and available, I have to stop myself from buying a cake every day.

But I want everyone to get to experience the challenge now, and start working in a new way today. So I’ve decided to give the first two weeks of the challenge away for free!

To get it, go to THIS PAGE on my website, and “purchase” the $0.00 PDF download. You’ll see fields for credit card information, but you DO NOT need to put your card info in. You will need to give your email address (that’s where the PDF file will be sent), your name, and your billing address (I can’t figure out how to turn that off as a requirement - I’m sorry!).

I am NOT collecting your information for anything other than sending the PDF file (which is the first two chapters - or weeks - of the book). I will NOT be saving your names/emails/addresses for marketing, or email lists, or any other purpose than this one-time (free) transaction.

What I do ask in return, is that (1) you please try the challenge out, and then email me about your experiences. My email is, and I would love to hear from you about your two weeks on the challenge!

And then the other thing I would ask is that (2) you share your PDF file of the challenge with as many people as you think would really enjoy it and benefit from it. My mission is to help people everywhere to learn to work in a new way, that gives real happiness and fulfillment in whatever job they’re in. And I’ll need your help to make that happen.

Thank you so much! Enjoy the challenge!