Kindle edition of USE YOUR JOB is here!

Ever since the paperback version of the Use Your Job 90-Day Challenge came out, people have been asking for a Kindle edition.

It took me a while, because this was my first time formatting for Kindle, but I’m so ecstatic to announce that it’s finally here!! Now you have the option to get the book in paperback or get the Kindle version, and I’m almost as excited as when the book first launched.


I would normally think that it doesn’t make a difference which version you choose, but in this case I will tell you (with the disclaimer I’ll get to in a minute) that I recommend the paperback, and here’s why:

It’s a workbook.

I created it with the intention to give you something you could use to track and record your progress. There are checklists to use every day of the challenge, and the paperback version allows you to check items off as you complete them. It also allows you to write answers to questions, and brainstorm your ideas, and I personally feel like that more interactive aspect makes the paperback workbook more helpful for you.

BUT - not everyone wants an actual book; e-books are so convenient. So having said all that, here’s the disclaimer: I also believe you can still get just as much out of the challenge with the Kindle edition, if you use a notebook to keep track of the items you complete everyday, and write your thoughts, ideas and answers in your notebook. And if you do it that way, it doesn’t matter which version of the book you decide to go with.

I’m so excited to hear your experiences! Please share them in the comments here, or in the Facebook group so we can support and encourage each other.

And if you’re ready to start the challenge, CLICK HERE.